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Anticipation of the Fed’s decisions casts a shadow over risk appetite today, by the Arab trader

© Reuters Anticipation of the Fed’s decisions casts a shadow over risk appetite today – Wednesday’s trading witnessed a clear decline in risk appetite among investors, with the market’s focus fully directed towards the interest rate decision of the US Federal Reserve today, and then the press conference of Bank Governor Jerome Powell, in … Read more

A resounding fall for the Indian billionaire.. Fraud accusations destroy the wealth of Asia’s richest people

MONEY The man who was about to catch up with Elon Musk and overthrow from the second place among the world’s richest people suffered violent losses that pushed him out of the list of the top five after dramatic losses. The Adani Group, founded by Gautam Adani, the richest person in Asia, lost $50 billion … Read more

Urgent: A Meta-Virus Cryptocurrency Is Sweeping Everyone… Watch Out Despite The Stunning Rise By

© Alpha Footage – One of the smaller metaphysical coins rallied during Monday’s trading to sweep across the market in terms of both strength and percentage gain. Since the beginning of the year, the famous Metaverse currency, Access Infinity, has come as one of the best performing currencies, after recording a strong rise of … Read more

A crime in crypto… How did $3.5 billion evaporate?

A statistic announced by the electronic hacking platform Slowmist Hacked revealed the value of crypto thefts through electronic hacks in 2022. According to the study conducted by the platform’s Atlas VPN research team, during the year 2022, electronic breaches occurred that led to the theft of digital currencies from prominent exchanges and trading platforms with … Read more

Clarification from the Cryptocurrency Strategies Forum

The Jordan Strategy Forum issued a report within the Knowledge is Power series of reports, entitled “Money in the Age of Digital Transformation”; With the aim of shedding light on central bank digital currencies and how they differ from cryptocurrencies. In the introduction to the paper, the forum reviewed the three main functions of money, … Read more

Banking experts: recent central bank measures eliminate the “black dollar market”

Banking expert Tarek Metwally, former vice president of Blom Bank Egypt, said that the package of measures taken by the Central Bank of Egypt during the current period, which began with raising the interest rate by 3%, followed by the release of all goods in ports, the return of work with collection documents, and the … Read more

Technical analysis of the dollar against the Omani riyal USD/OMR

The exchange rate of the Omani riyal has stabilized against the US dollar, with the Sultanate of Oman keen to link the price of the Omani riyal to the American currency, globally. The price of the dollar has varied against major currencies during the current month, amid anticipation of the US inflation report, which is … Read more

Cryptocurrencies are falling amid uncertainty

Cryptocurrencies recorded a decline during the early trading on Sunday morning, despite a slight recovery that was recorded during last Friday’s trading. As cryptocurrencies benefited from the decline in the US dollar after the non-farm payrolls data in the United States, the services PMI also fell. In general, the lack of confidence in the crypto … Read more

Urgent: A very important decision for a Gulf country regarding digital currencies

Cryptocurrency The Council of Ministers issued a decision regarding the regulation of virtual assets and service providers in the UAE, which will enter into force as of January 11. The decision aims to develop the legislative system for the virtual assets sector in the country and its related activities and service providers, to ensure the … Read more