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Crypto experts are stockpiling these altcoins ahead of the new year – find out why

The major digital currencies witnessed a random trading movement on the twenty-sixth of December, so the prices of some currencies rose and others fell; This happens under a slight elevation The global market value of digital currencies Its rate did not exceed 0.10%, bringing the market value to $812.31 billion the previous day. The total volume of trading in the cryptocurrency market during the past 24 hours amounted to $22.98 billion, which represents a decrease of 34.28%.

The total trading volume in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector is currently $1.55 billion, which is 7.04% of the total 24-hour trading volume in the overall cryptocurrency market. The total trading volume of stablecoins currently stands at $20.01 billion, which is 91.07% of the total trading volume in the cryptocurrency market in general over a 24-hour period.

To sum it up, cryptocurrency prices have been hovering in a narrow price range for weeks, which has encouraged investors to look for other assets with higher returns in the near term. We point out here that some of the largest pre-sale offers in the market are still available to investors today.


play platform Fight Out (FightOut) has the role of a personal trainer, but it has the advantage of rewarding athletes with FGHT for the time they spend training. The platform provides the advantage of recording all sports activities, which contributes to improving the default personal data (Avatar) of the user in the virtual world (metaverse) of the platform.

The advantage of earning FGHT coin is an additional incentive for users to commit to exercise and maintain health, while also benefiting from the benefits of blockchain technology.

Moreover, FightOut is seeing interest from investors; Despite the general lack of liquidity in the Bitcoin (BTC) market, FGHT coin sales – which began last week – have raised more than $2.39 million so far; It is worth noting that the current selling price is 60.06 FGHT coins for $1 (FGHT can be bought using ETH or USDT), but this price is expected to rise as the selling process continues.

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Dash 2 Trade-D2T

Prepare a platform Dash 2 Trade a platform based on the Ethereum blockchain; The platform will be launched at the beginning of next year, and its role is to provide direct statistics and social trading data affecting the market. This platform will provide a range of features, including: buying and selling alerts, analysis of financial transactions on the blockchain, tools for building trading strategies, in addition to market news; All of this will help novice and experienced traders alike keep pace with the turbulent Bitcoin market.

It is worth noting that the pre-sale of the D2T coin raised more than $10.8 million It is expected to end within 10 days onlyThis leaves investors who intend to participate in this pre-sale a narrow window to participate.

Note that the first listing of this alternative currency (D2T) for trading on the central trading platforms will be on the eleventh of next January, after the LBANK Exchange, Changelly Pro and Bitmart platforms confirmed the listing operations for the aforementioned currency.

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C+Charge Project (CCHG)

Represent C + Charge CCHG is a peer-to-peer payment system for electric vehicle (EV) charging stations linked to the Binance Chain. The project is scheduled to start its work in the second quarter of next year, and it aims to provide access to the carbon credits that will be distributed as rewards to consumers for charging their electric vehicles at the project stations.

And as a sign of the speed at which it can expand, the platform struck a deal with Perfect Solutions Turkey to add 20% of the electric vehicle charging stations in Turkey to its network. It is noteworthy that the CCHG currency of the project has achieved sales of more than 27 thousand dollars, while its price is currently $ 0.013, and it can be purchased using BNB or USDT currencies.

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IMPT project

Last week saw a significant increase in the price of the IMPT coin, jumping by more than 100%, thanks to the recent achievements of the IMPT program. According to a post on the project’s Discord channel, the coin will be available on Bitmart on December 28.

BitMart tweeted about the upcoming IMPT coin listing, which, according to its vision, will lead to increased demand for this coin. This comes after an earlier announcement of’s intention to start IMPT trading operations as of the first day of next year; All this led to the strong bullish movement that IMPT is currently witnessing.

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