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A crime in crypto… How did $3.5 billion evaporate?

A statistic announced by the electronic hacking platform Slowmist Hacked revealed the value of crypto thefts through electronic hacks in 2022. According to the study conducted by the platform’s Atlas VPN research team, during the year 2022, electronic breaches occurred that led to the theft of digital currencies from prominent exchanges and trading platforms with … Read more

Crypto experts are stockpiling these altcoins ahead of the new year – find out why

The major digital currencies witnessed a random trading movement on the twenty-sixth of December, so the prices of some currencies rose and others fell; This happens under a slight elevation The global market value of digital currencies Its rate did not exceed 0.10%, bringing the market value to $812.31 billion the previous day. The total … Read more

Billionaires Lose Billions: What Happens With Elon Musk and Sam Bankman Fried? by Crypto Horizon

© via REUTERS Billionaires Lose Billions: What Happens With Elon Musk and Sam Bankman Fried? Within weeks, two major players in the tech industry saw their net worth decline by billions – in part as a result of their business decisions. Reportedly, Sam “SBF” Bankman-Fried; Former CEO of the FTX trading platform; It had nearly … Read more

Crypto market turmoil plunges Bitcoin to $18,000

As the state of uncertainty and economic uncertainty continues, digital currency trading platforms have gained red, and “Bitcoin”, the most powerful and widespread in the cryptocurrency market, has fallen to the level of 18 thousand dollars. The crypto market is facing violent pressure in light of a European trend to search for a mechanism to … Read more