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Urgent: A Meta-Virus Cryptocurrency Is Sweeping Everyone… Watch Out Despite The Stunning Rise By

© Alpha Footage – One of the smaller metaphysical coins rallied during Monday’s trading to sweep across the market in terms of both strength and percentage gain. Since the beginning of the year, the famous Metaverse currency, Access Infinity, has come as one of the best performing currencies, after recording a strong rise of … Read more

Clarification from the Cryptocurrency Strategies Forum

The Jordan Strategy Forum issued a report within the Knowledge is Power series of reports, entitled “Money in the Age of Digital Transformation”; With the aim of shedding light on central bank digital currencies and how they differ from cryptocurrencies. In the introduction to the paper, the forum reviewed the three main functions of money, … Read more

22 Lessons We Learned from the Cryptocurrency Crisis of 2022 by BeInCrypto

© Reuters. 22 lessons we learned from the cryptocurrency crises of 2022 Australian influencer and analyst Miles Deutscher shared in a series of tweets on Twitter, the top 22 lessons worth learning from 2022. In this article, we highlight some tips that we need as a weapon of knowledge for a better future in the … Read more

The Controversial Bankruptcy of FTX Coin A Dangerous ‘Domino Effect’ in the Cryptocurrency Sector |

FTX’s bankruptcy continues to generate controversy. First, let’s take a step-by-step look at how all this bankruptcy happened. In this crisis there are two players. On the one hand, FTX, created by Sam Bankman Fried which was the second largest stock exchange in the world after Binance, and on the other hand, Alameda, a hedge … Read more

Urgent: A Big Cryptocurrency Is Preparing for a Massive Explosion, Thanks to Google By

© Reuters – A booming cryptocurrency has revealed a new partnership with Google, smartphones and Breakpoint’s Web3 store He has released a series of launch announcements as he prepares to take off into the mainstream, which include smartphone launches, DApp stores, and a partnership with Google Cloud, among others. The Solana Breakpoint Conference, scheduled … Read more

Urgent: Cryptocurrency exchange Mango rewards thief with $50 million By

© Reuters – Cryptocurrency hacks are common, with at least $718 million stolen so far in October alone. Which raised last year’s total balance of $3 billion and put 2022 on track to be a record for total value hacked, according to blockchain specialist Chainalysis Inc. After the platform promised not to prosecute the … Read more

Taliban ban cryptocurrency in Afghanistan and arrest those who deal with it

Kabul – DB A Posted on: Friday, August 26, 2022 – 11:16 AM | Last update: Friday, August 26, 2022 – 11:16 am The Central Bank of Afghanistan imposed a nationwide ban on cryptocurrency trading this month, and the ruling Taliban arrested several dealers in it for violating the instructions to ban its circulation. This … Read more