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Urgent: A Meta-Virus Cryptocurrency Is Sweeping Everyone… Watch Out Despite The Stunning Rise By

© Alpha Footage – One of the smaller metaphysical coins rallied during Monday’s trading to sweep across the market in terms of both strength and percentage gain. Since the beginning of the year, the famous Metaverse currency, Access Infinity, has come as one of the best performing currencies, after recording a strong rise of … Read more

A famous billionaire describes gold investors as “stupid”, preferring to buy bitcoin! Powered by

© Reuters. – The contentious feud between bitcoin and bitcoin continues to heat up from time to time, as billionaire Mark Cuban angered gold investors with his recent comments about the precious metal. Billionaire Mark Cuban stated that he would double his purchases of gold and that he would prefer to invest in it … Read more

Urgent: a sudden reversal… a temporary stop to the collapse of Binance and a dramatic rise by

© Reuters – After the cryptocurrency market’s frightening news of the crisis in the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, it looks like the jitters are on their way to dissipating. The Binance Coin symbol succeeded in stopping a violent series of losses, during which it lost nearly a quarter of its value, following the … Read more

BREAKING: Bitcoin mining difficulty at an all-time high.. Return at a two-year low by

© Reuters – Bitcoin’s winter looks set to be bittersweet, as more pressure gathers on the crypto market’s biggest cryptocurrency as the FTX crash woke up regulators. According to data available from the data regulators, the difficulty of mining a Bitcoin block has risen to an all-time high while the total mining revenue has … Read more

The Controversial Bankruptcy of FTX Coin A Dangerous ‘Domino Effect’ in the Cryptocurrency Sector |

FTX’s bankruptcy continues to generate controversy. First, let’s take a step-by-step look at how all this bankruptcy happened. In this crisis there are two players. On the one hand, FTX, created by Sam Bankman Fried which was the second largest stock exchange in the world after Binance, and on the other hand, Alameda, a hedge … Read more

Bitcoin: A Strong Start in Several Months… Expectations of It Reaching the $100,000 Threshold By

© Reuters – It hit a new 2-year low on the confidence crisis that accompanied the FTX crash. However, this does not necessarily mean that the world’s largest cryptocurrency is facing a similar fate as the FTT token, which seems to be fading into irrelevance. Bitcoin..towards 100,000 And former Wall Street analyst Tony Weiss … Read more

Urgent: A Big Cryptocurrency Is Preparing for a Massive Explosion, Thanks to Google By

© Reuters – A booming cryptocurrency has revealed a new partnership with Google, smartphones and Breakpoint’s Web3 store He has released a series of launch announcements as he prepares to take off into the mainstream, which include smartphone launches, DApp stores, and a partnership with Google Cloud, among others. The Solana Breakpoint Conference, scheduled … Read more

The British Prime Minister is supportive of cryptocurrencies.. what does this mean for the industry and what are the opportunities? by

© Reuters – UK investors and companies are placing high hopes that the new Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, will be able to change Britain’s view of digital currencies. The new British leader, who was former Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s finance minister, faces a daunting list of tasks, including repairing the economic havoc caused by … Read more

Where will the interest rate rise in gold prices? |

In light of the expectations that the Federal Reserve will raise the interest rate during the meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee during the current week to 75 points,And with the continuation of inflationary pressures that surround the horizon, with a rise against the basket of major and minor currencies.And compensating for some of … Read more