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Technical analysis of the dollar against the Omani riyal USD/OMR

The exchange rate of the Omani riyal has stabilized against the US dollar, with the Sultanate of Oman keen to link the price of the Omani riyal to the American currency, globally. The price of the dollar has varied against major currencies during the current month, amid anticipation of the US inflation report, which is … Read more

Technical analysis of the UAE dirham against the Egyptian pound (AED/EGP).

The exchange rate of the UAE dirham against the Egyptian pound (AED/EGP) settled on slight changes during trading today, Wednesday, amid anticipation of possible declines in the Egyptian pound, while the UAE dirham maintained its stability in light of the economic expansion taking place in the country. Investors followed reports that showed the UAE’s tendency … Read more

Technical Analysis of the Dollar against the Iraqi Dinar USD/IQD: a price increase

The Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the US dollar officially stabilized without movement during trading today, Wednesday, while the strong US currency declined during yesterday’s trading and during this month’s trading in general. The negative effects on the US dollar continued, starting with the statements of some members of the Federal Reserve on the possibility … Read more