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Urgent: New bankruptcy in the digital currency market.. An American giant is falling

In a heavy caliber shock, it seems that the bankruptcy of the cryptocurrency market has not and will not stop soon. After the bankruptcy of FTX and Block Fi, a new company joined the list of bankrupts. Bitcoin mining company Core Scientific, one of the largest publicly traded cryptocurrency mining companies in the US, has … Read more

Foreign and Arab currency rates today, Monday, September 19, 2022 – the nation’s voice

Currency rates in Egyptian banks witnessed today, Monday, September 19, 2022, a noticeable difference in the exchange rates of the currencies of foreign and Arab countries, according to the Financial Transactions Board in Egyptian public and private banks. Foreign and Arab currency rates today, Monday: Currency rates in the central bank The US … Read more

Why will Egypt introduce the “2 Egyptian pound” currency? .. An official explains the reasons

Cairo, Egypt (CNN)– The Egyptian government agreed to issue a coin of 2 pounds to be put into circulation, and a government official revealed the reason for offering these coins to make it easier for citizens to carry change. He also revealed the steps of the offering, as the proposed designs are currently being discussed. … Read more

LUNA surprised the currency markets and rose more than 200%

LUNA The digital currency LUNA surprised the cryptocurrency markets and rose strongly to exceed its increase rate during trading today by 200%, which indicates the strong demand for the Luna currency. During trading, LUNA increased by 212.16% and scored about $6.02, with a daily trading volume of the Luna sign by $3,170,991,094, bringing the capital … Read more